2018 Workshops
Level: Intermediate, play a few tunes in session.
(unless specified in the description)

Saturday 21, Sunday, Monday 3x3h (from 10am to 1pm)
(unless specified in the description)
Jose Luis Gonzalez 2 days (Sat, Sun) 2,30pm – 4h30pm – 50 € (  Whistle initiation)
having played a little flute or whistle is a plus but is not essential, having his whistle in D  is necessary …

Vincent Barboni 2 days (Sat, Sun) 2,30pm – 4h30pm – 50 € (Whistle initiation Intermediate Level): knowing how to play whistle (at least one tune)
Corentin Rivollet 2 days (Sat, Sun) 2,30pm – 4h30pm50 € (Bodhran initiation) :It is not necessary to have practiced. Some trainees and members of the organization have a bodhran to lend Take it early if you do not have an instrument. You can also easily find, on the internet, sufficient instruments to start for 40 to 60 €.
Serge Vivier 2 days (Sat, Sun) 2,30pm – 4h30pm – 50 € ( introduction to the DADGAD guitar and harmony)
  Sunday 22, Monday, Tuesday from 10am to 1pm
  Young multi-instrument internship 50 €: (Sandrine Burtin & Damien Lachuer)
Limited to 30 people
Initiation to Irish music for children / teenagers already familiar with their instrument. Work on Irish themes, collective arrangement. Presentation of the work done at the opening of the Wednesday evening concert.
At registration, two pieces that are highly desirable to know when you arrive will be sent by email.

Catriona Mc Kay (Harpe)
Chris Stout (Violon)
Sylvain Barou (Flûte) FULL
Leonard Barry (Pipe)
Shane Mc Gowan (Guitare DADGAD)
Declan Folan (Violon)
Brendan Power (Harmonica)
Lucy Randall (Bodhran)
Louisa Bennion (Concertina)
Samantha Harvey (Danse Sean Nos) : 2h30 to 5h30pm except Sunday from 10h to 13h FULL
Nicolas Garnier (Manufacture and adjustment of pipe reeds): 2h30 – 5h30
100 € complete material providedi Inscriotions
Provided for all: Reed, Copper Leaves, Wire, Abrasives of different grains, …
Nicolas will come with a toolbox containing tools easily available later for those who would like to continue making reeds at home.

To allow the preparation of the material the inscriptions will be closed on June 15th.
Day 1: theory and appropriation of the material. start of work on the reed.
Day 2: fitting the reed – doubts, sweating, cold sweats 🙂
Day 3: Setting the reed on his singing … Razor blade and sandpaper ….
Nicolas prepares a method: steps to follow tips, tips and tricks.
Warning ! dressings and anti-stress are not provided!
wednesday 25 Thursday, Friday from 10 to 1 pm
Sylvain Barou (Flûte) FULL
Julie Fowlis (Whistle)
Duncan Chrisholm (Violon)
Tony Byrne (guitar EADGBE)
Gerry O’Connor (Banjo)
Henry Sisters (Song 2 voices) FULL
Henry Sisters (fiddle beginner in Irish style)
Donal Lunny (Bouzouki) Mercredi et jeudi AM
endredi matin en commun avec Eamon Doorley

  • Conditions particulière pour ce stage et celui D’Eamon Doorley:
    1 stage
    est considéré comme un premier stage prix normal de 120 €
    Les 2 stages pour 150 €, et l’ensemble des deux stages est considéré comme un premier stage (si vous faites un autre stage en début de semaine, ce sera un deuxième stage et vous aurez alors à payer pour le groupe de deux stages de bouzouki et votre deuxième stage 180 € )
Eamon Doorley (Bouzouki) Wednesday and Thusday morning
Friday morningn whith Donail Lunny

  • Special conditions for this course and that of Donal Lunny:
    1 internship is considered a first internship normal price of 120 €
    The two courses for 150 €, and all two courses is considered a first stage (if you do another internship at the beginning of the week, it will be a second internship and you will have to pay for the group of two internships. bouzouki and your second internship 180 €)
Padraig Rynne (Concertina)

Price of the workshops: 120 € for 1 workshop, 180 € for 2 workshops, 230 € for 3 workshops. except stage reeds (to count separately (100 € with the material and a method)

*** For registration to an internship all concerts are free.***

Individual registration via this form (One form per person please):

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If you did not choose the Transfer option by requesting an IBAN, send your payment to the order ofles Celticimes” à :
Vincent Barboni
la ville