Instruments makers

For this ninth edition of Cetli’Cimes we want to expand the home of Instruments makers on the second part of the week is from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 July 2018.
Exhibition in the fireplace room of the hotel la Rua  from 2.30 pm to 7 pm on the three days.

Instruments makers :

Christain Kervadec :
Based in Guérande, I manufacture bodhrans since 2005. Since 2005, many models have come out of the workshop, they have moved to different parts of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland. Whoever has traveled the most is Nouméa!
In 2016, the Philharmonie de Paris chose Olaïka-bodhran for its musicians from the Fiddle-bodhran studio. You can try my bodhrans either by going directly to the workshop (contact me before), or at the Irish music festivals like An Seisiùn in Mesquer (44) at the beginning of July, Brittany Winter School (BWS) in Arzon (56) ) end of February, beginning of March or Celticimes in Albiez (73) in July.

It was during my studies of baroque flute that I became passionate about the instrumental style of the 18th century.
Motivated by the search for instruments in line with the repertoire, I undertook to make copies from plans of various museums and originals made available to me.

The story conical flute does not stop at the end of the 18th century, it was tempting to take a look at the key flute. Initially moving away from the first half of the 19th century, my interest was in late English romantic flutes, the ultimate direction that leads to the practice of « Celtic » music.

While continuing to deepen this research, I began to work on the flutes of the early 19th century.

Marc Boluda :

Since the dawn of time man has shaped the materials he finds in nature, and among them, the wood that shelters, heats, and enchants with its variety of colors and veining. It’s a pleasure, renewed every day, to work on this beautiful, fragrant and vibrant material, and to realize for the passionate musician, the companion of a lifetime …


NICOLAS GARNIER > Uilleann pipes

The day I started playing this beautiful instrument called « uilleann pipes » a friend told me:
« Attention it may take an important place in your life »
I did not know how much.

Today installed in the south (where there is reed everywhere), I can offer you instruments ranging from driving set to full set.
For the moment in D may very soon in other tones.



Bruno Torres : banjos, guitares and bouzoukis

Based in Charente, I am specialized since 2004 in the design and manufacture of banjos, which I decline in all its forms:
tenors, 5 strings bluegrass and old-time, banjo-guitars, banjo-mandolines, banjolélés …
My passion for this instrument led me to realize unique models, on order, at the service of professional and amateur musicians.
I also realize in my workshop located in Saint Germain de Confolens, mandolins, mandolas and bouzoukis.
Instrument restoration is also part of my business.


His passion for lutherie dates back to the 90s, when he began making his own copied flutes on Rudall & Rose or Pratten originals. It was not until 2005 that he decided to create his company of wood flutes maker by associating with Youenn Le Bihan, mythical ringer and genius  of binious and bombardes makers.
Stéphane is now professionally officiating in his own workshop in the Hautes Alpes and has gained worldwide fame with astounding rapidity, his flutes being now played by the greatest flutists Britons, Irish and Americans.

Contact :
Sylvie Cointet
06 86 95 05 31