To get there


To go to Albiez

By car : Motorway A43 or road N6 up to St Jean de Maurienne. Go through St Jean de Mne,
direction « vallée de l’Arvan », then at the roundabout called « Opinel » : follow the diversion along the road D 926 up to Albiez-Montrond.

Other route through Albiez le Jeune, via Villargondran (D80)Train :  SNCF train station St Jean de Maurienne. Buses, taxis and carsharing from St Jean de Maurienne (15 km) : please see on the page « contacts ». Shuttles from the airports : information a​nd booking by calling +334​79 59 88 00

Another route by the Young Albiez via Villargondran (D80)

Train: Gare St Jean de Maurienne. Cars, taxis and carpooling from St Jean de Maurienne (15 km): see page “contacts”.

Shuttles from the airports: information and bookings at +353 87 941 2273